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Beautiful Blinds


ADDRESS: 1066 Little Gopher Canyon Rd

CITY: Vista

COUNTY: San Diego

ZIP CODE: 92084-1003

OWNER: Harold Sutton



CATEGORY: Building Maintenance Services, Nec


A company Beautiful Blinds wasnТt doing so well as now. Older review of Beautiful Blinds may discover problems. There were periods of downtime; recession was bad enough for Beautiful Blinds. Many other companies at the time were in the same situation. Situation stayed this way until management had a decision to think deeply about the fate of the firm. Final decision was to drop provisional measures and begging banks for credits.

Experts began to pursue a brainstorming. Various ideas were proposed and rejected. Finally, it was chosen a difficult but promising path. First of all after series of consultation was developed strategic business plan. It shows all possibilities to reach out a higher level. The search for the most effective solutions was conducted by every single member of management core. Planned reconstruction includes marketing, technology and staff. Finally, after numerous efforts and mistakes, it was found a category Building Maintenance Services, Nec that can be used to restore the company. Location of Beautiful Blinds was also useful for financial restoration.

This segment was analyzed in the most careful way. Production reserves were compared with the problem of market saturation. Looking far ahead, management was evaluating problem in a long perspective. Looking back, we can say that almost all of the measures have produced desirable results. Those steps that have not worked as planned were analyzed as a negative experience, which, as you know, is very useful to avoid mistakes in future. So, rating of company Beautiful Blinds is constantly growing.

Company has received the first big order and credit lines with it. Business was gaining new strength. Now every change of conjuncture demand is calculated. Company Beautiful Blinds is trying to adopt everything useful in professional area which technical progress and financial institutions can offer. The company has already passed the threshold of market saturation, now is hitting the market with new developments. Beautiful Blinds production has received good reviews in the press and on television and there is high demand on it in Vista.

Valuable part of the business model is a company website. Every day the flow of requests and agreements for the supply of products widens. After the first achievement of targeted level of income, the company systematically rises bar of performance. The main direction of funds consumption is new technology researches in the Innovation Center, where new ideas are generated and new projects come to life. This is the direction of companyТs development. For all interested investors and costumers there is phone (760) 940-6200. Also you can visit head office located at 1066 Little Gopher Canyon Rd.

Call Beautiful Blinds: (760) 940-6200

FAX Beautiful Blinds:


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