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Baja Onyx International


ADDRESS: 524 W Calle Primera

CITY: San Ysidro

COUNTY: San Diego

ZIP CODE: 92173-2836

OWNER: Betty Stillwell



CATEGORY: Games, Toys, And Children's Vehicles


Description of the Baja Onyx International is recently updated and contains the most accurate data. Baja Onyx International is a young and dynamically developing company founded by professionals with years of experience in providing business services.

Enterprise Baja Onyx International is using innovative and modern technology in their work, has its fingertip on the pulse of the time. With full automation and integration of all business processes of the business control in single information system, company is able to timely detect all the threats. Analytical system of the company is greatly simplifying the work of the company and leads the company to good results much faster.

Constant research and monitoring of the market allows Baja Onyx International to remain attractive and promising partner, while continuing its development. Opinions about this company are very different but in general those are positive.

Effectiveness began to grow since the day of founding Baja Onyx International. Company follows a systematic approach to the organization of marketed goods and services. The main principle is a unified control and management of sales. Marketing strategies and management decisions adopted by Baja Onyx International are always accurate due date, clear performance benchmarks and projected results.

The team of professionals working in the company keeps track of all changes in the market demand and supply, and generates optimal unique selling proposition based on the market situation. Baja Onyx International has the best specialists in their field, the company has steadily watching their image and constantly trainings and seminars. Location of company is 524 W Calle Primera.

Call Baja Onyx International: (619) 428-2001

FAX Baja Onyx International:


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