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Five Star Enterprise


ADDRESS: 620 Superior St

CITY: Escondido

COUNTY: San Diego

ZIP CODE: 92029-1330

OWNER: Bob Guddee


FAX NUMBER: 7607430511

CATEGORY: Industrial Machinery, Nec


Five Star Enterprise has established itself in the market as a young but promising and ambitious company. Appearing in the business, the company has established itself as a responsible and reliable partner, with the most modern and diverse means of interaction with their customers. Today we can read many positive reviews and user comments about this company.

Five Star Enterprise offers excellent quality products, rewarding relationship with partners and customers and stable intensive development. Description of Five Star Enterprise in our catalog is based on partners’ reviews. The company is showing impressive results. Brands manufactured by Five Star Enterprise occupy the first positions in ratings. Production is the most demanded at the Industrial Machinery, Nec market. Company gets different awards at the prestigious U.S. and international exhibitions for highest quality. To effectively meet the market demand, Five Star Enterprise has following objectives:

  • Entering new markets.
  • Increasing revenue from activities in the developed markets.
  • Increasing the efficiency of production.
  • Present products and services more efficiently and effectively at the market.

Comprehensive diagnostics of all stages products and services promotion of the company allows to be directly connected with the market. It gives possibility to respond instantly and accurately to any changes in Industrial Machinery, Nec market situation. The name is a modern company that has successfully attracted and efficiently uses resources. The use of new technologies and equipment is the key to high quality products and strong demand of consumers.

The company has qualified staff with years of experience and deep knowledge in the area of Industrial Machinery, Nec. Professional specialists are ready to answer and advise on any questions by (760) 743-0405. Location of company is 620 Superior St.

Call Five Star Enterprise: (760) 743-0405

FAX Five Star Enterprise: (760) 743-0511


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